Mariela Cantando

Born and raised in the little villages of Antibes and Biot, in the hills of France and inspired by French art and culture, Mariella brings this unique perspective to stage homes for sale, making them a showpiece for potential buyers. Never using a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach, enhances the inside and outside of your home to create just the right feeling that will appeal to potential buyers. That “je ne se quoi” to make a home stand out for sale.

Deborah Drljaca

As an account executive with extensive travel experience in most of the 50 U.S. States, and extensive experience in the Real Estate industry from Monterey to Palo Alto, Deborah adds a broad understanding of the needs of home sellers and buyers.  Bringing design and cultural and business knowledge to bear to sell homes quickly and at higher prices means that Staged By 3 offers a superior platform to sell homes, while minimizing wasted guesswork.

Ann Ridgeway

Being a native Californian has enabled Ann to embrace designing with natural surroundings and create beautiful environments. This passion became the foundation for a degree and career in interior design. Bringing this unique ‘California perspective’ to the table and enables Staged By 3 to transform ordinary rooms into irresistible living spaces to best showcase a homes value that appeals to the San Francisco Bay Area design culture.